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gary bower. >> the argument that the public is overwhelmingly in favor of same-sex marriage, chris, is ludicrous. if the opinion of the american public was so overwhelming, they would not be asking the supreme court to say to the american people, you have no say on this issue. >> wait a minute. >> the polls are skewed chris. >> cenk: yeah, the polls are all wrong. the imaginary people in my head are all right. 58% of people support gay marriage. it's an all time high. and if you ask young folks 18 to 32 year olds, 70% support gay marriage. rick jacobs is the founder of the courage campaign and chaired the campaign back in '03 and '04. thank you for being here. >> gad to be here. >> cenk: let me read you this . . . i'm not sure i agree with that but how important is it to have people like chief justice roberts who has a gay count -- cousin in the court? >> it's everything. the supreme court is going to rule for prop 8 to be thrown out. there's no question in my mind. it may be a narrow ruling but we're going to win on prop 8 and doma. and i say that because if you
to turn blue. it was always a fairly reliable red state. they had an occasional centers like gary hart but six times democrat. 18 times republicans. that's three times as many times they voted republicans than democrat. that's pretty good. now to discuss this even further in our mind we're going to colorado, and we have david sirota. david wrote a piece about this. he followed colorado politics really closely. david, as first chance you look at the colorado delegation in the senate, then you look at their governor. then you think this is a democratic state. not always the case is it? >> no, it's not always the case. colorado has been traditionally republican or republican-leaning state. we are seeing at the policy level now a serious of progressive victories after the democrats retook back the house. they had it for a while. they lost it, and then took it back. a conservative democratic governor. conservative democrats in the senate. we're seeing the legislature pass a number of really progressive measures, and people in the state at the ballot level photoing for a number of progressiv
may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury! >> gary sean dusky in television news, an exclusive interview is when a show is able to book a big guest right? on friday, when our friends at the today show announced an exclusive interview with jerry sandusky, you expect one of the hosts will be talking with jerry sandusky. instead, it consisted of an interview with john ziegler entitled the framing of joe paterno. no follow up questions or even context of what was said, just an open platform for a convicted child rapist. and you too thought you would catch the whole can dusky. even the paterno family found it repugnant, releasing a statement saying in part: >> yeah, but it got ratings. let's bring in dive zirons, author of "game over." thanks for coming on and keeping it sane for us. >> great to be here, john. >> great to have you sir. did we learn anything that wasn't in either of the multi-million dollar reports on this topic? >> if aliens came down to this planet to assess whether or not the earth should remain standing or become a burnt ember if they watched that s
on southwest airlines. >> wasn't it weird yesterday they had ralph reed and gary bauer out there talking about gay marriage. it was like just watching "meet the press" in the 1980s you know? there's nobody who is willing to come out. >> stephanie: who would not want to [ bleep ] gary bower frankly? >> gary bower ralph reed -- come on, ya know. >> stephanie: it has been previously speculated he might like sex with the dead. [ buzzer ] we have no information. only opposite sex. >> he looks like peter laurie. >> ralph reed looks like he's been preserved in formaldehyde. >> yes. so the two of them together are like a -- waiting to happen. >> stephanie: they do seem like dinosaurs. i was reading an article this weekend about somebody from one of the families, they devote their whole life to this to stopping other people from loving each other. it is really kind of -- you just kind of go really? is there another hobby you could get into? >> especially that lady from nam. >> and again, i love the family research council. >> you're on your mailing list. >> i'm not on your mailing list. i'm on their pr
because we are afraid to speak out -- >> hal: right. let's take some calls. let's go to edgar in gary indiana. good morning. turn your tv down and join us. come on, edgar, we got you. he was holding, and he went to the bathroom -- and we lost edgar. >> oh, no. >> hal: edgar call back if you heard that. let's go to bob in illinois. >> caller: hey, listen i'm a progressive. i'm also jewish, i live in scoki, illinois. >> hal: there are other jews there, i have heard. >> caller: oh, yeah. i'm progressive here in the states. when it becomes to israel i'm probably a little bit more on the right. here is the reality. you know how we see there is really nobody to negotiate with in the congress. >> hal: uh-huh. >> caller: unfortunately you have the situation with the palestinians, you have hamas, which is dead set against doing anything with israel and you have fatau, which has its hands tied. let me ask you a question hal, realistically. if you want to stop the israelis from continuing to build settlements, wouldn't you sit down and start to negotiate? because the settlem
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5